Options and prices

Printing options for posters:

A) Glossy photo paper, 190 GSM
190 GSM glossy photo paper suitable for inside use for a defined period of time.Not waterproof and not UV-resistant.

B) Photo paper, laminated on both sides (plastic-coated)
190 GSM glossy photo paper, with glossy laminate on both sides. Suitable for inside use and for limited outside use. Reasonably UV-resistant and splashproof.

C) Vinyl
Sturdy quality vinyl suitable for inside and outside use with a white or grey adhesive film (suitable for a transparent or opaque background). Vinyl has an adhesive layer and can be applied to almost every smooth surface or be hung up, just like the paper version.

Prices as from 01-01-2015

Category A (190 GSM glossy paper)

A3 poster € 9.00 per piece (minimum order 5 items per design)
A2 poster € 16.00 per piece
A1 poster € 32.00 per piece
A0 poster € 56.00 per piece

Category B (190 GSM glossy paper, plasticised)

A3 poster € 13 per piece (minimum order 5 items per design)
A2 poster € 28.00 per piece
A1 poster € 52.00 per piece
A0 poster € 77.00 per piece

Category C (Vinyl)

A3 poster € 10 per piece (minimum order 5 items per design)
A2 poster € 18.00 per piece
A1 poster € 34.00 per piece
A0 poster € 60.00 per piece

Prices are unit prices and, based on the numbers you require and the choice of material, we can supply you with a quotation by telephone or email.

Costs for poster customisation.

All the posters on this website can be tailored to your specific requirements. We can quote the costs for this customisation in advance. As an indication: adding your company logo to a design costs € 25.00.

Handling and shipping costs.

We charge a standard price of € 17.50 for the handling and shipping of orders. If the shipment weighs more than 10 kg or if the size of the package is larger than 90 cm, additional costs may be charged, naturally only in consultation with the customer.

Should you have any questions or wish to place an order or receive a quotation, please contact us using the information below:

Tel.: +31 (0)181-323175

Prices are exclusive of VAT.