Vehicle lettering

Burgs Reclame is specialised in creating and designing a wide variety of lettering, ranging from the lettering of a single car to the lettering of your entire fleet. Removing lettering from your vehicles is also no problem for us at all.

Special lettering and signs

We can provide icon signs, safety signs, façade lettering, window lettering, signposting or simple adhesive letters.
The lettering can be made from standard vinyl, but all reflection classes are possible too.

Stickers, printed matter and promotional material

We can supply all your stickers in every desired number and size as well as stickers that are difficult to remove, e.g. for helmets, etc. Printed material can be supplied in any form, and we would be happy to help you compose, design and supply your printed material.

Cartoons and drawings

Burgs Reclame creates all the cartoons and drawings in-house, which means that we can respond directly to the wishes of our customers. You indicate to us your wishes and ideas and we visualise them for you in the style you desire, whether it is a logo, a cartoon or DTP work, we have it all!