About us

Burgs Reclame in Hellevoetsluis (NL) is a company that offers a wide range of possibilities. In over 44 years, Burgs Reclame has developed into a modern and customer-focused total supplier of safety-supporting means of communication.

Our core activity is the design, installation and periodical renewal of safety billboards for petrochemical and leading industries. By changing the subject on a regular basis, the attention value is kept at a high level. You can find our billboards at companies including Exxonmobil, Shell, Akzo-Nobel, Aluchemie, Sabic, van Gansewinkel, ECT, Q8, Lyondell Basell and many other national and international companies. The primary goal of these billboards is to increase the safety awareness of employees, contractors and visitors. Cartoons are often used on these billboards as, after all, a picture is worth more than a thousand words! These cartoons are also designed in-house, which means that we are extremely flexible in conveying your safety message.

Safety campaigns often use posters which can spread the safety message in the specific locations where it is needed. We have hundreds of different posters on file and, as we design them in-house, we are also extremely flexible in responding to your wishes. For this reason, our customers often opt for posters to be designed specifically on the basis of a specific safety theme. If desired, we can also supply the material for the mounting of these posters, such as aluminium billboard constructions, display cases, click frames, swingmasters and many more.

Burgs Reclame is also the right address for your lettering requirements, whether you need it for only one car or for your whole fleet, we guarantee the whole project from design to realisation. The lettering can be done at our workshop in Hellevoetsluis or on-site at the customer’s premises. We can also provide any kind of lettering for your shop or business premises, in any form ranging from stickers to channel lettering.

Burgs Reclame can also supply your safety signs, such as traffic signs, product signs, labelling, product labels, printing, canvasses, flags, banners, etc.